Printable Resources

Note: All of the resources on this page are designed to be printed double-sided to save paper (though you can, of course, still print single-sided if you so wish).

You may use these documents at outreaches, club meetings, etc., as long as you do not modify the documents in any way, and make it clear that they are the creation of myself (Lauren Herrington) and not the club/entity using them.

  • The September issue of my monthly sky guide. Visit Looking Up – September for an expanded, online version of this document.

  • A sheet full of helpful tips to get the most out of your observing, from using averted vision to preventing dew formation, and how stretching your legs can help you see better than before.

WIP_Telescopes and Binoculars.pdf
  • This handout contains my recommendations for what telescopes provide the best bang for the buck for a beginner. (I plan on updating a couple of the recommendations and improving the graphic design in the future, but for now the sheet is still useful, and the telescopes mentioned are all good quality.)
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