Outreach and Education

I love to teach! I’m always looking for opportunities to share the sky with folks. On this page you’ll find reports from some of the educational events that I’ve participated in with the Houston Astronomical Society, complete with photos and detailed logs.

Note: This should not be taken as a comprehensive list, as I have taught at many more events than included here (not only with H.A.S., but on my own, and with other astronomy organizations). That said, these reports should give a good idea of what an astronomy outreach event is like!

What is outreach?
Outreach is simply the act of promoting astronomy to the general population. Most of the time, that means an event where telescopes are set up and visitors are allowed to look through them, while telescope operators are available to answer any questions about astronomy. Sometimes, outreach takes the form of a different kind of event, like a talk in a classroom. In theory, any educational event designed to bring astronomy to the layman can be called an “outreach”.

  • Children’s Lighthouse Clay Road

    This one is a bit of a doozy! It was my first log for a talk that I’ve given, and since I was likely the only one logging it, I wanted to make sure I got everything. The kids were just so great! It was not the ideal situation for a talk. At first, they […]

  • Texas Buddhist Association

    We were invited to take some telescopes out to a camp held for Buddhist youth, quite a ways out of town compared to our usual outreaches. Objects shown included the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Cat’s Eye Nebula.

  • Brentwood Baptist Church

    In churches all across the country, an event called “Galactic Starveyors” was being put on by VBS. One participating church, Brentwood Baptist, reached out to HAS and asked if we could bring out some telescopes and give a talk about the stars. We wound up showing the full Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn (and a very […]

  • Middlelands Music Festival

    Well, I think Steve summed this one up best when he greeted me with “Welcome to Woodstock!” A modern Woodstock, indeed. I didn’t mention this in the Night Sky Network log, but there’s definitely a reason the crowd was so easy to impress. I think that except for the couple who hung around all night, […]

  • Shadydale Elementary

    I brought my Z12 to this one, because I left directly from the outreach to have an extended stay at the HAS dark site! It was paradise. 🙂

  • George Observatory

    Note: I couldn’t actually add a log on Night Sky Network for this outreach, as I’m not a member of the Fort Bend Astronomy Club (yet), so I’m just filling out the template here.

  • St. Francis Episcopal School

    Most of the notable stuff is explained in the Night Sky Network log! It took a bit longer than we had hoped to get to the starparty, as initially we went to the wrong campus… Oops! Fortunately we realized our mistake and arrived at the correct campus with enough time to set up, and it […]

  • Cross Creek Ranch

    This was my first outreach with the Houston Astronomical Society, and little could I know at the time just how much it would change my life! Here I am just over two months later, and I’ve already found incredible friends and mentors among the club. Good people, who take me seriously and treat me well, and […]

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