NGC 5746 – May 26, 2017

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Date and Time: 2017-05-26 23:08
Observer: Default Observer
Object Class: Galaxy
Object Coordinates: 14h45m49.6s, +01°53’01”
Constellation: Vir
Magnitude: 11.4
Altitude: 58°

Object: NGC 5746
Location: Texas Star Party
Seeing and Transparency: The seeing is okay, the transparency is good.
Telescope: Zhumell Z12 12″ Dob
Log: Observed with Tele Vue Ethos 13mm, 115x. It’s a pretty edge on galaxy. Medium-large and moderately bright. It has a medium central concentration with a core that is spread out along the length of the galaxy. The core takes up about 1/5 of the galaxy, and then the rest is fairly faint and consistent in brightness–although the upper part of the galaxy does appear a bit brighter, and I see a star glimmering at the edge of resolution there, so that’s probably causing that effect. The galaxy is oriented from about 11:30 to 5:30 in the eyepiece field of view and it’s probably about 7x as long as it is wide.

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