NGC 4394 – May 25, 2017

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Date and Time: 2017-05-25 22:59
Observer: Default Observer
Object Class: Galaxy
Object Coordinates: 12h26m48.2s, +18°07’11”
Constellation: Com
Magnitude: 11.6
Altitude: 74°

Object: NGC 4394
Location: Texas Star Party
Seeing and Transparency: The seeing is okay. The transparency is very bad.
Telescope: Zhumell Z12 12″ Dob
Log: Observed with Tele Vue Ethos 13mm, 115x. It’s a medium sized, pretty faint smear. Visible with direct vision, with a bright condensed star-like core. It’s pretty much round and shows maybe hints of spiral arms going up from the center to about 11 o’clock and then bending around clockwise. Spiral arm on the other side isn’t really perceivable.

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