HR 4893 – 2017 May 2 00:49

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Date and Time: 2017-05-02 00:49
Observer: Default Observer
Object Class: Multiple Star System
Object Coordinates: 12h49m29.1s, +83°19’22”
Constellation: Cam
Magnitude: 5.4
Altitude: 36°

Object: HR 4893
Location: Spring, TX
Seeing and Transparency: Seeing is good, transparency is great.
Telescope: Zhumell Z12 12″ Dob
Log: Observed with Tele Vue Ethos 13mm, 115x and Orion Edge-On 9mm X2.0, 333x. Medium close double that gives the definite impression of being an Alberio-type orange and blue system…. but you can’t tell which one is which at 115x. After switching to 333x and defocusing somewhat, I’m sure that the bottom star is the “red” one and the top one is the “blue” one. However, it should be stressed that the colors are mere tints, and nowhere near as striking or impressive as the other orange and blue pairs on the list so far. Both stars are the same, medium brightness.

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