Great Orion Nebula – 2017 March 21 20:45

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Date and Time: 2017-03-21 20:45
Observer: Default Observer
Object Class: Diffuse Nebula
Object Coordinates: 05h36m08.2s, -05°22’41”
Constellation: Ori
Magnitude: 4
Altitude: 48°

Object: Great Orion Nebula
Location: Columbus Dark Site
Seeing and Transparency: Seeing was great, transparency also great!
Telescope: Zhumell Z12 12″ Dob
Log: Eyepiece used: Tele Vue Ethos 13mm, 115x First light for the Z12! Spectacular details on the inner wall of the nebula by the Trapezium visible, and I was able to see the nebula extending much farther than ever before to the south and west. Only 4 stars of the Trapezium visible at first, with a fifth glimpsed upon visiting it again later (BD -05 01315e, the E component to the north of the NW-most of the 4 primary stars of the Trapezium). I was able to see 6 stars in the trapezium in Amelia’s telescope.

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