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A Friendly Introduction to Spectroscopy

Back in early Summer last year, I started working on a course on Spectrography to help out my fellow students in an extra-curricular astronomy group. The group didn’t work out, but I had already written out the first article in the series, so I’ve decided to publish it now in hopes that it can be […]

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Happy Christmas to all, and to all Clear Skies.

I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas. From now on, may your days from be full of cheer, and your nights clear. Please enjoy this astronomical Christmas carol, written by cosmologist George Gamow nearly 80 years ago, and performed by me one year ago exactly. Lyrics and more information about the song can […]

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A Night of Observing in Arkansas

During my last trip to Arkansas, I worked alongside my stepdad’s dad to finish my homemade parallelogram binocular mount to the point where it’s useable. It still needs some cosmetic work; a final sanding and oiling, and maybe reworks to the binocular head, but overall, I’m very happy with it. It makes using binoculars a […]

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