A Friendly Introduction to Spectroscopy

Back in early Summer last year, I started working on a course on Spectrography to help out my fellow students in an extra-curricular astronomy group. The group didn’t work out, but I had already written out the first article in the series, so I’ve decided to publish it now in hopes that it can be of use! I tried to use friendly language, avoid jargon, and explain the simplest of concepts along the way. One day, I hope to add a few more articles to make this a complete course, but there are other posts in my backlog that I’ll work on first!

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How Spectrography Works.


Due to the wave nature of light, when light encounters an obstacle, it will bend or “diffract” around it. Imagine straight waves in water encountering a wall with a little opening in it. When the waves pass through the opening, they will ripple out in little circles, right? Light does that, too. The bending is normally very, very slight- light coming in through a window hardly bends at all. But the smaller you make the gap, the more the light bends. When the gap […Read more]


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