Two-page spread for the digital magazine Astronomy Technology Today

This advertisement was produced in August/September 2021 as a collaboration between myself and Pradip Karmakar, another AAVSO Ambassador. Pradip provided one of the figures used in the ad, as well as advice and feedback about the design, while I wrote the copy and created the advertisement in Photoshop. Astronomy Technology Today is not your average magazine, with a unique, interactive digital-only distribution format, and an audience comprised mostly of technical specialists and ‘gearheads’. Having taken this into account, the AAVSO Marketing Committee requested something closer to an informative article than a typical minimalist advertisement, and Pradip and I were happy to oblige.

Astronomy Technology Today allows its advertisers to include hyperlinks, and I leveraged that capability to make this ad a ‘one-stop-shop’ hub for the AAVSO’s valuable beginner resources. (The version displayed below is a .jpg preview, so the links are not clickable—rest assured that they work well in the digital pages of Astronomy Technology Today.)

Promotional graphics for the AAVSO’s 2021 webinar series

I created these graphics in mid- to late-2021, with the intention of providing extra advertising for a few upcoming AAVSO webinars. Since the final format was to be social media posts, I chose large font sizes and bold, striking colors in the hopes of seizing the attention of someone scrolling past. Still, my target audience was not your average social media user—so I felt comfortable including more descriptive text within the image itself than I otherwise would for a ‘social media advertisement’. My goal was for each image to be self-contained, and therefore easily shared, retaining enough information to hook new viewers even if the accompanying post were to be stripped away.

Slides & Data

I enjoy the challenge of creating slides which clearly demonstrate my points without distracting the audience. As a result, my slide decks appear minimalist, with an almost exclusive focus on images and data instead of text.

Here is a truth: Data is beautiful. Astronomers are swimming in remarkable data—photographs, spectra, elegant plots and simulations—and a clear presentation of that data can mean the difference between having ‘a vague grasp’ on a subject vs. true conceptual understanding. When designing with data, I prioritize ease of understanding over other factors, and try to let the data speak for itself.