Project Description

Digital advertisement for Astronomy Technology Today

This advertisement was produced in August/September 2021 as a collaboration between myself and Pradip Karmakar, another AAVSO Ambassador. Pradip provided one of the figures used in the ad, as well as advice and feedback about the design, while I wrote the copy and created the advertisement in Photoshop.

With a unique, interactive digital-only distribution format, and an audience comprised mostly of technical specialists and ‘gearheads’, Astronomy Technology Today is not your average magazine. Having taken this into account, the AAVSO Marketing Committee requested something closer to an informative article than a typical minimalist advertisement, and Pradip and I were happy to oblige.

Astronomy Technology Today allows its advertisers to include hyperlinks, and I leveraged that capability to make this ad a ‘one-stop-shop’ hub for the AAVSO’s valuable beginner resources. (The version displayed below is a .jpg preview, so the links are not clickable—rest assured that they work well in the digital pages of Astronomy Technology Today.)

Note that this advertisement is a two-page spread, and you may prefer to view a larger version in a separate tab.