Project Description

Slide: Spectroscopic focusing regions

This is a slide from my 2020 AAVSO Spectroscopy Workshop presentation “Let the Earth do the work! High Quality Spectra at Low Cost with the Drift Scanning Method“, presented virtually during the 2020 AAVSO Spectroscopy Workshop. With its minimalist layout, dark theme, and heavy emphasis on visual examples of data, it’s a good example of the design principles I try to employ when creating slides.

When I give talks, the purpose of the slides is to provide illustrations related to my speech, not to completely replicate or replace the verbal content. Therefore, I generally keep the range of information shown on each slide quite narrow, limited to only a few impactful visual examples (preferably of real data!). This helps to make the information on the slides as easy possible to digest, which pays off both in terms of audience understanding and attention.